Proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle

Prevention is better than cure. Our Doctors establish your preventive healthcare plan based on your current lifestyle and past medical information. Our team then takes care of your preventive healthcare plan and provides you timely reminders of critical health milestones, while organizing your systematic health check-ups. medical reports, blood tests and other medical examinations. Our Healthcare Coordinator will provide tailor made solutions to ensure looking after your health is hassle free.

MedVigilance – an innovative healthcare solution

Convenient access to a healthier life!

By Phone

Our Healthcare Coordinators will call youto keep track of your healthcare milestones


Keep track of your MedVigilance online using our Webapp

Doctors Direct App

Our mobile app allows easy access to all your MedVigilance activities your smart phone or mobile device.

How is MedVigilance done?

  1. Analysis of the proactive healthcare related parameters of the subscriber
  2. Discussion with the subscriber on the proactive parameters to be placed under MedVigilance during a scheduled visit
  3. Choice of subscriber on the method used to inform the subscriber at strategic health milestones to optimize their proactive MedVigilance system
  4. Access to our MedVigilance upgrades that will soon allow remote surveillance of selected healthcare parameters via special portable devices